Hailey McLaughlin

HM is a USDF bronze and silver medalist while actively completing towards scores for the Intermediare 2 and Grand Prix level portion of her gold medal.


 In addition to FEI level dressage, Hailey has ridden through prelim/intermidate level in eventing. 

She has brought several young horses through the preliminary level and even a young horse through the 1.45m in the jumpers.

She has experience with bucking, rearing, and bolting, in addition to horses that just need a refresher under saddle.

HM has a knack for the flying changes in addition to a solid foundation to the lateral work and connection in the bridle.

She has brought many horses through the FEI level and helped many AA's create a more rideable horse out of their partner and a more understanding rider out of them.

HM strives to prepare riders and their horses both mentally and physically for their goals.