Corleone is a 2010 Dutch Warmblood gelding imported in 2017 from Holland.


"Cory" or "Curly Fry" was specially selected to be HM's future GP mount.


 Bought as a green fourth level gelding with a lot to be improved on, Cory has quickly turned into the GP hopeful that HM thought he would be.


 Winning at the PSG and I-1  level and preparing for his first I-2, Cory is on the right path to the GP.

At 18h, Cory is an impressive horse in the show ring with three quality gaits. He is a horse that truly loves to perform with a work ethic that is unmatched. 

His personality in the barn is everyones "big friend". He is kind, safe, and patient.

He is the horse with heart that HM went searching for and he does not disappoint.

Fun Fact: The HM logo was modeled after Corleone and his big white star.